Daydreaming somewhere in Toronto, Joy Thompson is clapping, snapping doo-pop for the world weary, introspective soul. 

Oh What's New? Nothing, It's All Still Terrifying... 

I don't have much to say. Things haven't gone as I'd hoped (this is a gross understatement) so I'm making my tiktoks, singing my songs and trying to keep it together. If you're American, please vote Biden/Harris and if you're anyone else, please wear a mask. I'm not entertaining any other opinions surrounding these issues, it really is a matter of life or death in both situations. Halloween has been cancelled in my province so if you want, join me for some live tarot readings on Tiktok. It will be a full moon after all, I'll be the one dressed as a cat and drinking my weight in red wine.


Later Felines,


Happy Indigenous Peoples Day Y'all! 

What? Okay so the history was anything but happy (no surprise there) but I'm super duper stoked to watch the social media takeover right now and see all the Indigenous creators doing their incredible, incredible stuff. it's 100% dope and I absolutely love to see it! Black and Indigenous Peoples have a lot in common when it comes to struggle and oppression. We were both stripped of our culture, our land and our heritage and we both fight to this day, with everything we have, to reclaim it. Today history wants to tell us that that sad sack, Christopher Columbus, deserves his own personal day for raping, pillaging, colonizing, degrading, and destroying so many incredible people and cultures and we say NO. We say this day belongs to the people who were here long before this dumbass sailed across the ocean and landed in the opposite direction of where he was even trying to go. Y'all trying to give a holiday to a man for being a directionally impaired, depraved lunatic. I'll thank thee, no. Today is Indigenous Peoples Day, Indigenous Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter and the Skydome is the fucking SKYDOME (sorry still pissed about that). I said what I said. Have a great day, go learn something new today about Turtle Island and the People to whom this land truly belongs.


I want to acknowledge that I am on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and this land is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.



Think Of Something Brilliant And Tell Them I Said It....  

I had a whole lovely, thoughtful post lined up and it rather promptly ate itself. So I guess I'll just post the video again, say succinctly that I miss recording in the studio, playing live and making music with others and let you know in a very boring way that I'm working on releasing a single called A Letter/Una Carta by sometime in November. My friend and photographer Lisa Marie Kruchak and I had a great time this past weekend shooting looks for the cover art. I'll post an interesting blog regarding that later when I have access to a trustworthy and reliable device. In the meantime, check out below....

Cheers and Something that Rhymes with Cheers That Isn't Awful, 


Writer's Block Is Not A Fish You Can Catch.... 

Well of course it isn't, dumbass, who would want to catch writer's block? Think before you say these things! Yeesh!  Anyway yeah, so I'm a little creatively clogged, it's no big, I know the song or songs are there they just need a little coaxing, and what in life doesn't need that? In theory as a Taurus this shouldn't be a problem, we're the best coaxers alive, we can coax people into doing things for years at a time that they barely had a passing interest in two minutes before. It's our gift, it's our curse. But who cares about what y'all are trying to do, let's talk about meeeeeee!  I need a song, a song for my soul and a song for my album, music keeps the engines running and my battery is dying quick. I know I have the material I just need to sew it into something. Stand by, this could take all week.....

Dazed and Confused,


Do You Ever Feel Like You're Trapped in A Wes Craven Flick..... 

And then suddenly you get to the part where the final girl realizes she's the final fucking girl, puts on her big girl pants and kicks the blindsided little monster's ass....Well I think I'm rounding that corner. I was gonna post a really sweet Faith Lehane quote here but dammit that I haven't memorized it verbatim and I'm not fucking that up. Anyways, we gather here today to remind each other that we're that bitch, or witch or well, I was gonna say sitch but that's not a person. Somebody said something to me (or maybe it was a meme) but it stuck "Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to..." Just kidding, I love TLC but that's a finely fermented crock of shit. 

If you stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to you'll probably drown, maybe not in the lake but you'll certainly drown in your self-pity that's for damn sure, and that is the WORST thing to drown in. I know we're in semi-quarantine and a lot of things are closed or un-operational right now but I'm making a bucket list because fuck-it if this isn't an apocalypse and I've got stuff to do. To be honest I've already sort of started my bucket list after I was hit by the car, it really shook my entire life up, I mean hell I look like an entirely different person now. I bumped into a friend in the subway and it took him a a minute or two to even figure out who I was. 

Life comes at you pretty fast (thanks Ferris) or ridiculously slow (thanks life) so you may as well feed it the same energy. I have quite a few things that pique my interest and quite a few of those things can be done in winter so list'o'buckets here I come, it's not morbid in an apocalypse y'all, just do as the Romans do, (okay don't do that they slaughtered everyone) but do SOMETHING. Life is entirely too long or entirely too short to waste it being miserable and that is an unequivocal fact. Do your best to be happy, life is way too long or short to not be happy y'all and I know that may be a tad irritating coming from someone named Joy, but I have way more expectations on me to be joyful than you so you must take me at my word. Be happy, for a minute, for an hour, for a day whatever you can spare. Be happy until it's a personal choice.

With Blooming Mirth,



The Wine Has No Taste, The Food Sickens You.... 

And there seems no reason for it all, but, what if I could give it all back to you? Pluck out the pain and give you a whole new life, one you could never imagine and it would be for all time, and sickness and death would never touch you again....Okay I can't do all that but Lestat is a helluva salesman hey? I just wanted to type it out to exploit that one time Neil Jordan congratulated me on my septum ring. It's not everyday an Oscar winning genius compliments your fashion sense so it's worth exploiting and flaunting EVERY DAMN DAY OF MY LIFE! Anyway you should have known I never said that since I would never go on with life if the wine had no taste. I mean c'mon what are we here for then? Anyway I hope everyone is having a reasonable time, I seriously doubt it because it's 2020 and if you are having a full-on time, well that's just a little insensitive to be honest and you could stand to tone it down, thank you so much. Also don't forget today is National Comic Book Day or something like that so go read Injustice: Gods Among Us (yes the same one as the video game), any Birds of Prey series by Gail Simone or my personal fave any Miles Morales: Spiderman comics. That should get you through 2020 for a couple of hours. I can't account for the rest of the year, I'm sorry but I will leave you with this. I won't fix this year but it's prescient tones may calm your frazzled mind for approximately 24mins.




I Love Things....  

Shocking right? It's the truest truth about me.I really love things. I love music, the act of making music, I love art, the act of making art. I love wine, I love the sound red wine makes when it pours from the bottle, the glug glug sound as if it's choking on its own excitement. I love words, I love when someone says just the right thing to you to fit so perfectly into the corner of a vacant space in your heart. I love dancing to music, and learning a new dance whether it's learning the dance steps or just learning it exists at all. I love passion, really feeling passion for something or someone and watching and listening to passionate people feel and exhibit passion for things and places and experiences. I love listening to someone ramble about something they truly love or are excited about. I just love excitement even for the little things, like a good takeout meal or a new episode of a tv show. I absolutely love excitement and I love to see people excited. I know there's not a whole lot to be excited about these days but if you can find it anywhere please don't mask it or stifle it. Love and excitement are two of life's true miracles a mon avis. They are worth preserving and savouring and worth their weight in gold, no matter what, no matter when, and no matter why.

With love, 


Feeling Pretty Average? 

Strange thing is you're far from it, you are literally the only you on this planet, in this galaxy, in this universe, in this time, space, moment and through to eternity. There's nothing average about that. So when I ask you to cleanse your space I am saying to protect that sacred space which is only yours, the very seat of your soul. The place you go to unwind or think or dream or relax, that untouchable place that makes you you. Your emotional seat, your moment in time, your dream in your mind and in your heart. Protect the things that you desperately want but hide from others, protect the dreams that you'd reach for if you felt you had a chance at them. Protect the moments you'd chase if you felt for a moment you could catch them, that is you. The wants, dreams, desires were all planted there for a reason, they are sacred, they are possible and they are as worthy as you are. So when I say protect your space, I mean protect YOU. You're worth that, and then some.



Just Call Me Pyro Patty.... 

Please don't call me that, I hate that name, however I am burning a lot of things lately, don't worry it's not the smell of bridges burning that's gently wafting in the breeze. No, the scent that permeates your senses is the smell of emancipation and you can try it at home for just $10 or less....okay sometimes more, I'm talking about cleansing your space people! Look here, There is a caveat to this, which is when purchasing sage to avoid purchasing white sage unless buying from Indigenous Communities and be cognizant of the fact that "smudging" is a phrase and practice specific to Indigenous communities, otherwise you are helping to appropriate and profit off their culture, more on this here. 

Now onto the importance of cleansing Maya Angelou says "words are things" and that words have so much power that whomever you invite into your home and whatever they say can create its own life and if you've invited them into your home they are creating this life in your house. You can feel this when you walk into a room and feel the negative or positive energy there, energy is powerful, it can shift your day either negatively or positively, so if you invite people into your home that don't have your or their own best interests at heart it can and will affect you, this is why you must always cleanse your space.

Now there are number of fun ways you can do this (god bless options) which I am all too giddy to share with you. You can use incense, resins, a singing bowl or listening to sounds at  certain frequencies can heal your mind and body as well.  The particular frequency I've linked is also linked to the Schumann resonance which is said to have super healing properties when listened to. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the positive impact bringing new plants into your space can have on your overall mental health, wellbeing and attitude and not every plant needs excessive light here are some that can blissfully survive and thrive without all that sunlight stuff... And finally of course we have meditation, it's no good to cleanse your space if your mind is all a-clutter (okay it's still good just a little futile). If you're new to meditation try a free app like Insight Timer that will lead you in guided meditations with the sound accompaniment of your choice, you can even set the timer to as low as a minute or meditate with others if you so choose. Hopefully all these lil' tips and tricks will help you get some ideas on how to protect yourself and your sacred space. I mean your home is your castle after all, it may be a tiny little castle but it's only as magical and beautiful as you make it, so get to it loves!


Peace, Prosperity and Some Other Cool Alliteration



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