If you've heard the news regarding the mass grave of CHILDREN found buried near a Residential School and you're mad (and sad) as hell I have a course od action for you....

1. Write to Justin Trudeau, Your MP and Jagmeet Singh

Justin is our Prime Minister (obviously) your MP is your representative in Parliament charged with bringing your issues forth and Jagmeet Singh is the Leader of The Opposition, charged with holding Trudeau and his government accountable. 

2. You can find out who your MP (Member of Parliament) is by going to ourcommons.ca and plugging in your postal code.

3. If you are unclear what to write or how to  proceed I've included my letter below

4. We can hold our leaders accountable in fact it is our duty as citizens of this country. Let's try to make this country better for everyone however we can and remember, no act of kindness is too small, ever.


Good Afternoon, 

I am writing with absolute horror and disgust regarding the grave of  215 children recently found. I am very disturbed that this has only merited a tweet or two from the Prime Minister of this country, Justin Trudeau.  

The Canadian flag should he flying at half mast, the country should be in mourning but this simply highlights the way your government (Liberals) views Indigenous lives. The lack of humanity in your response is part of the reason why the crime of MMIW rages on. I am writing to demand that you do something concrete to protect Indigenous Women's rights and the rights of Indigenous children. This is not the "distant past" as Prime Minister Trudeau has erroneously eluded to, this is an ongoing struggle against genocide.  

I am writing to demand reparations for survivors and victims (and their families) of Residential Schools.  

I am writing to demand you stop fighting the survivors of St. Anne's residential school in court with OUR tax dollars and that you give the people and their families their due.  

I  am writing to demand clean Drinking Water for ALL First Nations Communities in Canada.  

Mr. Trudeau you have been virtue signaling regarding BIPOC issues and Reconciliation  for over four years and have done absolutely nothing beyond that.  

You are certainly making it clear that those blackface incidents were a lot more than some "dumb choices" you claim to regret.  

It is time you do right by the Indigenous People of this country and I will not be voting for any party that doesn't. I'll be sharing my views with as many people as I can until something concrete is done in the way of providing reparations to Residential School Survivors, in the way of making concrete, effective legislation to prevent the Murder and Abuse of Indigenous Women, I will be naming and shaming you and your party until First Nations Communities receive Clean Drinking Water.  

This is a national tragedy. It is a week that should be filled with acknowledgement, amplification of Indigenous voices and true acts of reconciliation. I will say that the fact that our Prime Minister sent a few mindless tweets instead of addressing the nation when the bodies of 215 innocent children were found tells us everything we need to know about how Prime Minister Trudeau views Indigenous Communities Communities BIPOC. Shame on you!



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