A Love Letter.....

Dear Little Black Girl,

You are something special. Your dark skin, your shining eyes, your hopeful gaze as you run excitedly towards everything you see. You are someone beautiful, you have promise, potential and magic within you. You are someone joyful, they will try to break you, try to erase you, invalidate you and your existence but they are wrong. You come from the continent of creation, you are from the nation which birthed this earth, you are the blueprint and you are the map. You, little Black Girl are the way home. Cherish yourself for you deserve all the flowers. Guard your heart, but not too much that you don't let in the beautiful things that you so richly deserve, the wonderful experiences, the joyful moments that will keep your heart beating strong. You, little Black Girl, you are magic and you are irreplaceable, never ever forget it.


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