Finding Meaning in Misery...

Oh, you didn't think I had this egg cracked did you? Sorry 'bout it, I'm literally asking for tips. It's getting ugly out here, the cases are going up, our Premier is an absolute blockhead not fit for any job much less one that hinges on the health, safety and lives of so many, and even with the vaccines rolling out Doug Ford has found a way to royally screw that up too. If this wasn't the darkest timeline I'd be convinced he was a nefarious, poorly written character created by Marc Guggenheim. (I know, so many pop culture references)

I'll have you know (for those blaming Trudeau for the vaccine issues) that this all traces back to Stephen Harper (not Ford being a blockhead, that's self-contained) but the fact that we don't manufacture our own vaccines (which is why we're so behind on vaccination as a nation (that rhymed) (and yes I know a parentheses within a parentheses is upsetting, I apologize) behiiiiiiiiiind) yes indeedy, Stephen Harper's "war on science" is what precipitated the shut down of many (would-be useful) pharmaceutical factories and science labs, so now there's nowhere to make said vaccines in Canada. Well goddamnit!

(I know!)

The likelihood of Harper having done this to crawl into the back of America's pocket and lick it's ass (gluteus maximus for those still putting on airs) is high. Yes Harper is American and wanted desperately for Canada to be as well. He also doesn't enjoy thinking or thoughts unless it makes him money, and his party (can we legally call the Conservatives a party anymore since they're the least fun thing since syphilis?) works really really hard to suppress them, as well as Black People, Indigenous People, LGBTQ, Poor People, Disabled People, Veterans, well the list goes on. I guess my point is that I'm having a bad time here and I think I would be having a better time if Kathleen Wynne was still in power, in fact I know I would be having a better time (and I say this as a card carrying NDPer) so please God, and folks populating this here hell dimension we call earth, STOP VOTING CONSERVATIVE! Vote for people who have your interests and well being in mind and to be clear if you're not all these things: an asshole, straight, white, rich, able-bodied, and a cis-gender man then the Tories/Conservatives, (the ugly grey toned chunk of folks that look like they're auditioning for the next season of "Making a Murderer ") are not for you. We can do better folks! Let's try, pleeeeeeeeease!


-Joy (sort of)

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