Here We Are in the Apocalypse....

It's a little odd that I spent so much of my time watching Angel The Series and Supernatural (up to season 5), Dark Angel and various other post-apocalyptic media, (including, beloved Luke Perry's Jeremiah,) only to wake-up in a world just like this only seemingly devoid of the champions we need to take us to that next Joss Whedon-esque (in concept not in reality) level. Those of us who enjoy post-apocalyptic fare and even enjoy a healthy lust for the supernatural, sci-fi and comic book world have rather prepared mentally for this for quite some time now without realizing. Ironically even my music was made in an almost prescient preparation for I've come from the school of "News be sad yet tell it merrily" after indulging in as much Oasis as I could in my formative years.

I like to make music that uplifts people, there's a certain irony in that statement because just about any kind of music can be uplifting, there's a catharsis to music that, at times, can bring therapy to even the most jaded of hearts. Even still I tend to lean more to the pep-in-your-step type melodies when songwriting, it's not purposeful by any means, but I just tend to lean more into hope, sometimes even when I don't want to. I guess that's a good place to be in this growing apocalyptic climate, when everything seems entirely out of control and it looks to be getting worse by the day. I've been finding strength and comfort in spirituality via tarot, witchcraft and astrology, enjoying books about ghosts, spirits and mediums and just trying to find my purpose on this very screwed up little planet.

I'm revamping my brand a little bit to include tarot, astrology and the kitchenwitch aspect that seems to have slowly taken over me like Agent Smith invading an avatar in The Matrix. I hope you will take some time to listen to things that make you happy (like my album which you can stream on Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube etc etc) and take some time to do a thing or two that will bring you closer to where you feel at home and safe. 

Love and Light and All That Jazz,


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