How Many Cops Does it Take to Wear a Mask?

No, I'm genuinely asking guys because in the past month I haven't seen one Toronto Police Officer wear one. We are still in a pandemic right? A panoramic? A Ponderosa? That's still happening right? Because I haven't been to the studio in over a year and if there's no pandabear happening I'm going to be sorely vexed.

I reckon it must still be going on because every time I leave my house I have this cloth thing on my face and I've purchased lipstick a total of one time this year (oh the humanity) So this is still happening yeah? Wear a mask people, (THAT INCLUDES YOU TORONTO POLICE, YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL) if Captain America can do it (and nearly every single Avenger before and after him) so can you. Plus if you're actually into fashion like you say, you should be accessorizing, this is your moment! Shine human, shine!



xoxo (but from a distance)

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