I Love Things....

Shocking right? It's the truest truth about me.I really love things. I love music, the act of making music, I love art, the act of making art. I love wine, I love the sound red wine makes when it pours from the bottle, the glug glug sound as if it's choking on its own excitement. I love words, I love when someone says just the right thing to you to fit so perfectly into the corner of a vacant space in your heart. I love dancing to music, and learning a new dance whether it's learning the dance steps or just learning it exists at all. I love passion, really feeling passion for something or someone and watching and listening to passionate people feel and exhibit passion for things and places and experiences. I love listening to someone ramble about something they truly love or are excited about. I just love excitement even for the little things, like a good takeout meal or a new episode of a tv show. I absolutely love excitement and I love to see people excited. I know there's not a whole lot to be excited about these days but if you can find it anywhere please don't mask it or stifle it. Love and excitement are two of life's true miracles a mon avis. They are worth preserving and savouring and worth their weight in gold, no matter what, no matter when, and no matter why.

With love, 


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