It's Just Me and Rey and Finn and Poe....

Anytime I feel down I always look to movies, television and books and comic books. I didn't really have an empathetic adult to aspire to growing up so I turned to media. Everyone from Buffy Summers, Ororo Monroe, Faith Lehane, Letty Ortiz and any character by Michelle Yeoh not to mention my friend, aerial artist Jade Morin, have been my heroes and inspirations. When times get tough and miserable it may be a trope but I do often find myself asking what they would do and then I emulate it as best I can, it helps. There are so many incredible women out there, from Ella Fitzgerald to Angela Davis, Jane Fonda to Dolly Parton, there are so many women that have made their mark subverting the status quo and it is so beyond inspiring that I am gobsmacked to walk among them; If you're a little dazed and confused (as many of us are at this point) I recommend hitting up some biographies and autobiographies, I'm fairly certain I've read all the Spice Girls bios and I'm halfway through Grace Jones, Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out WIthout Me" is a lot of fun as is Shonda Rimes "Year of Yes". I'm still miserable and I'm still horrified mind you, (I wouldn't be human if I wasn't in these uncertain times) but life has got to be about doing the best you can with what you've got around you, and this baby, this is what we've got around us so there is some hope after all.

Love, Light, and Let's Be Honest... Wine


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