Just Call Me Pyro Patty....

Please don't call me that, I hate that name, however I am burning a lot of things lately, don't worry it's not the smell of bridges burning that's gently wafting in the breeze. No, the scent that permeates your senses is the smell of emancipation and you can try it at home for just $10 or less....okay sometimes more, I'm talking about cleansing your space people! Look here, There is a caveat to this, which is when purchasing sage to avoid purchasing white sage unless buying from Indigenous Communities and be cognizant of the fact that "smudging" is a phrase and practice specific to Indigenous communities, otherwise you are helping to appropriate and profit off their culture, more on this here. 

Now onto the importance of cleansing Maya Angelou says "words are things" and that words have so much power that whomever you invite into your home and whatever they say can create its own life and if you've invited them into your home they are creating this life in your house. You can feel this when you walk into a room and feel the negative or positive energy there, energy is powerful, it can shift your day either negatively or positively, so if you invite people into your home that don't have your or their own best interests at heart it can and will affect you, this is why you must always cleanse your space.

Now there are number of fun ways you can do this (god bless options) which I am all too giddy to share with you. You can use incense, resins, a singing bowl or listening to sounds at  certain frequencies can heal your mind and body as well.  The particular frequency I've linked is also linked to the Schumann resonance which is said to have super healing properties when listened to. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the positive impact bringing new plants into your space can have on your overall mental health, wellbeing and attitude and not every plant needs excessive light here are some that can blissfully survive and thrive without all that sunlight stuff... And finally of course we have meditation, it's no good to cleanse your space if your mind is all a-clutter (okay it's still good just a little futile). If you're new to meditation try a free app like Insight Timer that will lead you in guided meditations with the sound accompaniment of your choice, you can even set the timer to as low as a minute or meditate with others if you so choose. Hopefully all these lil' tips and tricks will help you get some ideas on how to protect yourself and your sacred space. I mean your home is your castle after all, it may be a tiny little castle but it's only as magical and beautiful as you make it, so get to it loves!


Peace, Prosperity and Some Other Cool Alliteration



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