Shall We Dance?

That's a rhetorical question because we're still in lockdown over here (FOREVERRRRRR) but I really wish we could because I miss salsa something fierce these days. There's no cool way to explain how it feels to step into a class and start warming up with other people also there to learn something new and exciting just based on their sheer desire to enjoy life a little more. I really really miss it. I'm holding tight but it's tough in here, man. After another birthday in lockdown the realization of losing a year to this pandemic has really settled. I'm doing my best to keep learning and enjoying things on my own through reading, painting, dancing and of course singing and performing but I really and truly long for the days where I can walk into a classroom and dance with a partner again, or step onto a stage and play with other musicians. Times are tough, real tough and I guess that's all there is to it. If y'all have any movie recommendations now is the time to drop 'em baby, preferably anything with dancing, music or some sort of passion for life. Hook a sista up, friend and stay safe and sane out (in) there.



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