Tear My Heart From My Chest and Feed it To My Enemies....

Was that too much? Hahaha joke's on you, I'm a Taurus, I don't care. Let's talk about love baby, or like or your crushes because they cruuuuuuuush you. I mean honestly I've gotten some really good material out of this so I'm not sure why I'm kvetching. Hahaha it's an apocalypse, I don't care. I know, I know some of y'all were silly enough to think that because my name is Joy I would be perpetually happy. I need you to know that I'm a person and not an exclusive emotion thank you, stop weaponizing my name against me!!!!!! Hahaha was that too much? I'm drinking wine, I don't care. Anyway let's talk about heartbreak because if you have one (and it works properly) it's gonna break eventually. What do you do? No, seriously did you think that was rhetorical? Do I seem like the type to court rhetoric? Ouch, okay touché. But I really do want to know...what love is and I want YOU to show me. It's not that difficult guys, don't be selfish! Anyway, I'm sure there's an impending "you fool, you dumbass" song (but artistically of course) floating in the ether waiting to be claimed but until then I reckon I'll keep painting, tarot reading and making my little lip balms in a tear and wine infused haze (join me on tiktok) and if y'all have any tips or tricks for this agony you go ahead and let me know in the comments below. I bid you adieu and good day I know you won't have a good day anyway because it's 2020 but I shan't be rude to my guests.

Misery and Darkness,

Joy (the name, not the emotion)

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