The Wine Has No Taste, The Food Sickens You....

And there seems no reason for it all, but, what if I could give it all back to you? Pluck out the pain and give you a whole new life, one you could never imagine and it would be for all time, and sickness and death would never touch you again....Okay I can't do all that but Lestat is a helluva salesman hey? I just wanted to type it out to exploit that one time Neil Jordan congratulated me on my septum ring. It's not everyday an Oscar winning genius compliments your fashion sense so it's worth exploiting and flaunting EVERY DAMN DAY OF MY LIFE! Anyway you should have known I never said that since I would never go on with life if the wine had no taste. I mean c'mon what are we here for then? Anyway I hope everyone is having a reasonable time, I seriously doubt it because it's 2020 and if you are having a full-on time, well that's just a little insensitive to be honest and you could stand to tone it down, thank you so much. Also don't forget today is National Comic Book Day or something like that so go read Injustice: Gods Among Us (yes the same one as the video game), any Birds of Prey series by Gail Simone or my personal fave any Miles Morales: Spiderman comics. That should get you through 2020 for a couple of hours. I can't account for the rest of the year, I'm sorry but I will leave you with this. I won't fix this year but it's prescient tones may calm your frazzled mind for approximately 24mins.




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