What Is Grief If Not Love Persevering?

Okay, pipe down robot! I know that you've been on the planet a total of approximately 3 years tops but wouldn't it be just dandy if grief was lingering love floating in a cloud of inconvenience. Just.dandy. Nope, grief be wilin' and we be wilin' in it. Wish there was a way to make it pretty, but alas no. When you lose something, someone, an idea, a dream a free gift card to Sephora, that shit hurts and there really is no way out but through, and it's not the through that hurts the most. It's the hemming and hawing and putting off what you have to let go that causes the most pain, the bargaining, the last lingering vestiges of hope that have somehow crawled into your soul and nested. WE MUST DIG IT OUT!!!! Ah yes, for Spring is springing and we don't want dead hope springing from our souls like a bad Pauly Shore movie do we? (that was redundant, I know). Yes we must let it goooooo as Elsa, or I don't know that weird, White Witch lady who had the powers when her sister(?) or relative or something didn't, said (I haven't seen the movie, could have used a different metaphor frankly but I'm ornery). Let go of that which does not serve us, or serves us but serves us crap, or serves us sometimes then other times serves that woman or man down the street, or never served us to begin with but acted like they wanted to or...whatever you get the point. Let's do it, kids....let's move forward with love, or fortitude, okay that's too much but let's just move forward, it's hella depressing back here!


Your Quasi-Friend,


P.S Happy Somebody Got Nailed to a Wooden Something For You Yet We Failed To Follow His Very Simple Request Anyway Day....


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