I Mean, It's Something....

George Floyd liked to call himself Big Floyd, I know this because I watched one of his videos where he talked about himself that way. He said that Big Floyd loves everyone, he talked about putting good into the world. George was a multi-faceted person, that's something that Black People haven't been given the opportunity to be in North America and most of the world. To be people, varied and interesting and difficult and loving and vulnerable and tough and strange and multi-faceted, with layers upon layers upon layers.

I'd like to write blogs primarily on music how I write, how I create, how I produce, making lip balms and skin care, about learning salsa and silks. I'd like to do blogs about my search for a kitten, the adorable birds that show up on my balcony, my obsession with the MCU and Fast and Furious Franchise or my new appreciation of painting but instead myself (like so many other Black and Indigenous people) are hurled into this constant conversation of racism by people who choose to see us as less than human because of their own (very obvious) shortcomings. Right now the Premier of my province has decided that "Carding" is a good way to combat COVID19. So with the already stressful COVID situation I (and other Black and Brown folks) now have to worry about being harassed or murdered by police as we step out to get fresh air and try to find some semblance of mental health in this godforsaken (Ford orchestrated) nightmare. We would just like to have a normal fucking day where we get to be people but alas we do not have that privilege.


Big Floyd should be here today, he deserved to be alive by virtue of the fact that he was a human being and every one of us has inalienable rights whether racist, bigoted people believe it or not. So many White Folks do their best to criminalize Black People, anytime something happens to us according to certain White Folks it's always our fault, we "shouldn't have resisted" we "shouldn't have talked back" "shouldn't have been walking down that street" shouldn't have been bird-watching" "shouldn't have been sleeping in our cars" "shouldn't have been driving around without a license plate or with a broken tail light" "shouldn't have been driving at night" "shouldn't have been carrying a gun in an open carry state" "shouldn't have been sleeping in our beds at night" according to some of you it's all our fault all the time. That's because you don't see us as people, that's a you problem that you are making an us problem. That's a YOU problem that you are making an US problem.

Well I don't have any patience left for racist, bigoted nonsense. I will not turn the other cheek, I will not wish you the best. It's defund and abolish the fucking police, end systemic racism, house the unhoused, period. I am grateful to see Derek Chauvin held accountable for his reprehensible actions but I am horrified that it took the ENTIRE WORLD to get us to this point and that so many of us held our collective breath to see if a man who plainly committed murder on camera would be charged with it. Black People deserve better. I said Black People deserve better and we will never stop fighting for what we deserve, it's high time the world joins us. It's not enough to say you are not racist, it's time for you to be actively anti-racist, it's time to do the work required. Black People did not create racism, it is not our job nor the job of BIPOC to fix it.





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