Back In The Studio!!

Now, that may seem small but I oughta tell you that the words "I'm going to the studio" and "I'm going to the gym" have been a dream of mine to say for over a year and I have been so thrilled to be able to utter both those phrases again. I'll be headed back to the studio this weekend for the second time since the pandemic hit and I can't wait to work on some new material. I reckon I'll lay down some guitar as a guide track for at least one additional song so I can wrap up at least the first half of my new album as soon as humanely possible. No point leaving anything to chance as Covid combined with Climate Change doesn't leave me much time at all.  

Thus far the album has 6 tracks ongoing. (I've listed them below)  One is very done, one is pretty much done, two are just starting and two need a serious gutting. I'll have to try to get a copy of them all to see where I can tweak and improve. It's also important to hear how they flow together and if they're cohesive. These are all parts of the process that I truly enjoy and what better time than now to get some guitar practice in since I'm not entirely comfortable in big groups just yet (read not at all).

I've handily recorded samples of my newer tunes on tiktok and can review them to help me decide on what to record. Honestly if I had the money and the means I would record them all. There's very little I love more than performing, (whether it be singing or acting) and writing songs. Truly the world is absolutely horrific right now and seems, quite frankly, hopeless. With that in mind I intend to pump in as much creative energy and beauty as I possibly can, for as long as I possibly can for however little or lot it matters. Beauty and creativity always inspires more beauty and creativity and even with the worst of things going on, especially with the worst of things going on we could always use more of both.


Current Songs on the Docket:

Cheap Bottle of Wine

A Letter




Open Up

P.S My friends (who you heard on A Letter)  have started a Cumbia band and had their first show (safely) on the weekend. They're called Cachada and they're a lot of fun, check 'em out if you're interested!



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