Do You Ever Feel Like You're Trapped in A Wes Craven Flick.....

And then suddenly you get to the part where the final girl realizes she's the final fucking girl, puts on her big girl pants and kicks the blindsided little monster's ass....Well I think I'm rounding that corner. I was gonna post a really sweet Faith Lehane quote here but dammit that I haven't memorized it verbatim and I'm not fucking that up. Anyways, we gather here today to remind each other that we're that bitch, or witch or well, I was gonna say sitch but that's not a person. Somebody said something to me (or maybe it was a meme) but it stuck "Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to..." Just kidding, I love TLC but that's a finely fermented crock of shit. 

If you stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to you'll probably drown, maybe not in the lake but you'll certainly drown in your self-pity that's for damn sure, and that is the WORST thing to drown in. I know we're in semi-quarantine and a lot of things are closed or un-operational right now but I'm making a bucket list because fuck-it if this isn't an apocalypse and I've got stuff to do. To be honest I've already sort of started my bucket list after I was hit by the car, it really shook my entire life up, I mean hell I look like an entirely different person now. I bumped into a friend in the subway and it took him a a minute or two to even figure out who I was. 

Life comes at you pretty fast (thanks Ferris) or ridiculously slow (thanks life) so you may as well feed it the same energy. I have quite a few things that pique my interest and quite a few of those things can be done in winter so list'o'buckets here I come, it's not morbid in an apocalypse y'all, just do as the Romans do, (okay don't do that they slaughtered everyone) but do SOMETHING. Life is entirely too long or entirely too short to waste it being miserable and that is an unequivocal fact. Do your best to be happy, life is way too long or short to not be happy y'all and I know that may be a tad irritating coming from someone named Joy, but I have way more expectations on me to be joyful than you so you must take me at my word. Be happy, for a minute, for an hour, for a day whatever you can spare. Be happy until it's a personal choice.

With Blooming Mirth,



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