Yeah, by the walking dead I mean the anti-vaxxers. They're terrifying! I'm double-vaxxed now and I am freaking loving it. You should go get vaxxed yourself, I could post a bunch of data here and videos to support my suggestion but I'm tired of doing leg work for other people, so google it.

After you get vaxxed you should treat yourself to these Fear Street movies on Netflix, if you're a fan of the old school horror genre (and I am, not the torture porn of nowadays). Very entertaining stuff, well the first one was at least, I've not yet seen the second but I'm excited for this resurgence as I read a lot of Christopher Pike as a teenager, no R.L Stine unfortunately but they're part and parcel and I might be inclined to check out some of the Stine now, given the Netflix factor. Well that's it for me. Have a good season, or month or week or whatnot.


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