Feeling Pretty Average?

Strange thing is you're far from it, you are literally the only you on this planet, in this galaxy, in this universe, in this time, space, moment and through to eternity. There's nothing average about that. So when I ask you to cleanse your space I am saying to protect that sacred space which is only yours, the very seat of your soul. The place you go to unwind or think or dream or relax, that untouchable place that makes you you. Your emotional seat, your moment in time, your dream in your mind and in your heart. Protect the things that you desperately want but hide from others, protect the dreams that you'd reach for if you felt you had a chance at them. Protect the moments you'd chase if you felt for a moment you could catch them, that is you. The wants, dreams, desires were all planted there for a reason, they are sacred, they are possible and they are as worthy as you are. So when I say protect your space, I mean protect YOU. You're worth that, and then some.



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