Oh this isn't an instructional post, I genuinely thought you'd help a sista out here. You see my usual coping mechanisms revolve around going to the gym, taking a writing class, taking a salsa class, taking a silks class, learning something new, going to the studio, blah blah beefcakes...

As you can very well see, none of these options are available to me now and I'm quite put out about it. Oh how I long for the days of haphazardly watching Netflix on my phone as I suffer away on the elliptical, it was hardly suffering to be honest, I quite enjoyed it frankly (except those first few years after the accident) but I thought it best to be dramatic. Yes I yearn for the days awaiting the start of a new salsa class (actually I rather hate the waiting beforehand, it gives me slight anxiety) but whatever and whatnot the point is I miss stuff!

A doer of stuff, a maker of things, a stuff maker. I just absolutely adore doing stuff, learning stuff, creating stuff, discovering stuff and COVID19 has really destroyed that opportunity for me in nearly every conceivable way. I don't have a super positive Tracy Flick-esque ending to this blog splat, this is literally just to say that I am buggin' and I am spent and boy do I wish people would vote NDP and understand Socialism as a concept that is meant to help us and not hurt us.

People really seem to look at Socialism like it's Capitalism when Capitalism is Capitalism and Capitalism has the worst baby in the world Lil' White Supremacy who is very much like that freaky over-sized baby of days of quarantine yore. I just want people to give a fuck about other people, not to the extent that everyone is partying with everyone and chilling with people they absolutely cannot stand but to the extent that horrible human rights issues that other people go through bother them.

I want it to bother people if someone doesn't have a home, I want it to bother people if someone experiences racial violence, I need it to bother people if someone experiences sexual violence, or to agitate people that someone sunk all their money and heart into a small business to watch the Ontario Government work in concert with COVID19 to destroy it. I want it to irritate people that a vulnerable person has been stuck in their house for a year and still isn't on the list for a vaccine, etc.. etc... and I can't help but notice that the longer we move away from that mindset the longer COVID19 digs in its heels and the more eggs (read variants) it hatches to thwart our attempts at separateness. We really just have to do better, and we really do need to give a shit about other people. I am absolutely convinced that we don't have a shot in hell at getting out of this mess unless we do.

Your Comrade in Arms,



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