"Taking A Break, She Needs a Break...."

You and me both, Penny, you and me both. Trying to take a breather from Instagram and twitter for a minute so I don't lose absolutely all my hope in humanity. This situation in Palestine and the genocide of Palestinian people under US funding and world complicity is really kind of destroying my mental health. Black People like myself know what it feels like to be dehumanized and devalued and to have the world co-sign on their belief of your lack of humanity. This hurts. This really really hurts. I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Meanwhile on Canadian soil (Turtle Island) there are so many atrocities being committed against Ontarians with regard to covid19 whether it's the indignities unhoused people are suffering through in Toronto (co-signed by John Tory and Joe Cressy) or the inequities non-White, poor folks have experienced from Doug Ford while he prioritizes the vaccinations of the rich class and his millionaire friends like the Westons (owners of Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws) Jeff Bezos, whom has an Amazon factory in Peel region that has infected over 900 employees and still refuses to give paid sick leave even though he makes more in an hour than most of us will see our entire lives, and the police state and privatized health care he is trying desperately to institute (charging for Rapid Covid Testing anyone?). First of all if you're still buying from Amazon you are complicit in the dehumanization and degradation of so many people that it's (in my mind) a literal crime, secondly Doug Ford belongs in prison.

So here I am curving insta and twitter in a desperate attempt to regain my sanity and some sense of hope so I can keep fighting the good fight. I just wish more people cared, that's what hurts me the most. The amount of misery and degradation heaped upon those who are deemed lesser than because of our skin colour, financial situation, religious beliefs, gender, sexuality, birthplace but most upsettingly those that stand by and do nothing, say nothing, move through their lives as though nothing at all is happening. That hurts, that truly hurts me most of all.

Anyway so I'm gonna step back from the 'gram and twitter for a few days and hope to gain some clarity or at the very least to be less despondent. Wish me luck and please I beg you, support the people of Palestine anyway you can, they need you right now and they deserve our help.


Free Palestine,



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