This Post is For Black Women...

Hi Friend,

I know you are doing your goddamn best to put your best foot forward every day. I know you try to bring light, levity, talent, innovation and creativity into yours and others' lives. I know that the majority of the time no one notices and even moreso it seems like not one damn person cares what you contribute, I know, I feel that too. I want you to know that I see you when you aren't seen, I hear you when you aren't heard and I value you when you aren't valued. You are worthy of love, care and happiness and thank you for everything you do. You make this terrible world a bit better and that is NOT an easy thing to do.



P.S Please know it's okay to want to give up and just sit in your misery. It's okay to cry until your chest shakes, it's okay to be soft and vulnerable. You are okay just as you are. You are a full multi-faceted person who exists in multitudes whether their shady asses see it or not. Keep being you, there is soooo much value in that for yourself and for all of your Black sisters who need and want you here too.

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