Sorry, didn't mean to yell, it's just that my Mercury is in Aries and I really can't stand how y'all hold your tongues on everything. We're in a pandemic and an apocalypse, if there was ever a time to speak up, now would be it guys! Now.would.be.it. I mean you can speak up in any situation but let's start with the uncomfortable ones and go from there. 

Now it seems to me that the majority of you don't like speaking up because of the reaction you'll receive from others,(that's fair)  let's examine that for a minute, what is it about the reaction that frightens you? That they won't like you? That they won't listen to you? That they think you suck? What if I told you that it didn't matter. What if I told you that unless they're a vital person in your life that their opinion of you holds no weight and even if they ARE a vital person in your life that they shouldn't hold that title without harnessing the ability to truly listen to you and give credence to your thoughts and feelings.

What if I told you that your feelings have value and your thoughts and opinions matter and are important to this landscape? What if I told you that anyone who truly deserves to be in your life will give a flying fuck about your opinion and will actively encourage you to speak your mind? Well I'm telling you that right now.

Speaking your mind will weed out the low vibrational people in your life and make way for those who are on your frequency, and it is vitally important to share space with those who share your values, who have their own dreams and their own goals. Let's use music as an example, there are certain frequencies that we can't hear at certain stages and ages in life, if you look at this from an emotional perspective, if you're vibrating in a negative frequency then  connecting with someone on a higher frequency will be more difficult, it will be hard to get in the space to understand them and where they are coming from. Similarly if you are vibrating at a low frequency you are calling in other low vibe people like the Bat Signal in Gotham, and low vibe people love a pity party and I can tell you from excessive experience, pity parties suck.

It's very easy to vibrate in a low space when you haven't spoken up and shared what's on your mind. A lot of people think that feelings are something that you can shove down or ignore but feelings don't just disappear apropos of nothing, feelings have to purged and the longer you ignore them the more toxic they become, which is why speaking up is of the utmost importance. It may feel uncomfortable at first but I can assure you it's not nearly as uncomfortable as a heart attack, cancer, or any well documented disease that can manifest as the result of stress. Every time you speak your mind think of it as a gift to yourself. Get used to self-gifting, get used to self-support, get used to making yourself proud. Dump that little voice in your head that told you should shut your pie hole (especially if that voice was a parent, miserable relative or "loved one") and open up. 

Speaking up could save your life, or someone else's whether you're advocating for yourself at the doctor's office or advocating for someone else's safety while intervening in a problematic situation. Please don't feel as though you're being selfish speaking up for yourself, many people have been gaslit into believing this and it's a lie. You can't fill up someone else's cup if you're running on empty, this is why they say you need to put the airbag on yourself first. Do this in life! Remember your airbag, remember your value and remember that just because it feels uncomfortable advocating for yourself at first, doesn't mean it always will, like most things in life, it gets easier the more you practice it. Rooting for you virtually!




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